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Tyson became internationally certified as a Life Coach in January 2017 after making a leap of faith to change his life. 


He has a long history working in multiple trades which ultimately amounted to him feeling unrewarded and knew there was a deeper meaning for his existence.


Tyson enjoys helping others find their passion and fire in life through solution-based communication. 


He practices oneness consciousness in his approach to healing, with the belief that all plants, animals, minerals, and humans are connected, and he understands the relationship between astrology, numerology, human and spirit. 


Tyson’s life experience gives him the confidence to comprehend what a human might be feeling or experiencing because of their circumstance or environment. 


Tyson himself has experienced physical, psychological, and emotional relationship abuse, and has also had neglectful, alcoholic and drug-addicted parents. 


Despite his trials in life, Tyson believes all things happen for a reason, and that life is a balanced dance of karma which is based on intention and past life experiences. 


He believes emotion is simply energy in motion, and that all humans are evolving simultaneously through every individual’s thought and action. 


Tyson has a compassionate heart but does not let that get in the way of speaking any truth, no matter how dark.  Because of that, Tyson is trustworthy to assess a situation with consideration and understanding, in a full attempt to find the best solution for all parties involved.


He has so much to share with you! 


Especially Men who are on their own Awakening & Healing journey who are seeking a down to earth, caring guide, way-shower, and space holder.


Tyson works with all ages & all Humans through all walks of life.

He welcomes you all! 


Sliding Scale Appointments are Available 






Therapeutic Massage was introduced to Tessa at a very young age, which has helped her establish a very unique connection to TOUCH & the human body.


She has been in professional practice since November 2010 and has had some of the most amazing experiences of her life either receiving or while providing massage. Massage has changed her whole life.


She is passionate about Self Care Education & believes that a human being’s willingness to learn more about themselves every day is the most vital component of preventative health care & day to day – moment to moment well being.


Her massage therapy practice focused on Women’s Health Concerns, Pelvic Health Issues & Scar Tissue Care, but she welcomes everyone!


Tessa prides herself on being a versatile practitioner and has had wide-ranging experience & successful outcomes with many different human physical, mental & emotional diseases. She has over 11,000 hours of professional hands-on experience. 


She has had clinical practices in Vancouver & Vernon & is now so grateful and excited to share her gifts with the District of Hope & all who find themselves venturing through the incredible Fraser Valley of British Columbia, Canada. 

Introducing Therapeutic Massage into your life as part of your Self Care regime, especially if you pay into an extended health plan, can transform your connection to yourself.


Many people live day to day, for years on end, with chronic, deep muscular pain, headaches, numbness/tingling in their hands & feet, restricted movement patterns from old injuries all because no one ever educated them that direct manual treatment and mobilization of the soft tissues of the body could help them.


We have been taught to adapt to our pain perception by ignoring it or masking it, but we can learn new ways of approaching our body with compassion and care. 


Some intended surgeries can even be postponed or completely avoided altogether with the application of massage therapy and active participation in daily self-care practices.


Tessa believes that it is vital that all human beings are educated about avenues where they can release the natural tension that has built up within their tissue systems.


Registered Massage Therapy & Self Massage are two of those avenues, and she is so grateful to help guide you on this powerful journey into the Self.